I would happily wear this every day! I was perplexed I remember having been fond of it but now that I purchased it and was wearing it I couldn't recall what about this scent I liked and was developing a headache. That was a mistake. We can't really go to the office right now, but I could definitely see myself wearing this to the office, as well. my 212 sexy 100ML is almost full 3/4 (80 ML left). Great! I love the original 212 and I must say this shares NO similarities, but is pleasant in it's own right. At first I felt a cinnamon-ish vibe to it which actually appealed to me (although cinnamon isn't a note that's what it reminded me of). :( I’ve got the same issue with Narciso Rodriguez for her, SJP Lovely, etc, and have learned to avoid scents that are heavy on musk because I simply can’t detect it. Perfume almost two decades old inspired by youth, innovation and the rythm of NYC. My skin clearly loves this and on me it is truly sexy and I feel sexy. My favourite perfume! https://www.fragrantica.com › news › Carolina-Herrera-212-VIP-Black-9793.html The nose behind this fragrance is Rosendo Mateu. When I first spray it, it smells so delicious and sweet, I don't get cotton candy, just a sweet general vanilla smell, at first the musk is in the background and gives it a little something different, BUT the final dry down is just straight musk on me, and I can't stand it. This smells incredible on me! Smell is really sweet, I wouldn’t recommend for people who likes fresh smells. Very generic, very boring, very common. LOVE this perfume. I like the bottle and also smell of this perfume but I don't love it. Cotton candy and caramel in conjuction are a magical treat. Inspired in Manhattan, one of the most incredible places in the world, it is an urban fragrance, a symbol of sophistication, different styles and all kinds of cultures. A cool and sexy fragrance for women, Carolina Herrera 212 EDT is modern and attractive, reflecting the feel and scent of New York City. Focus probably gives him the pepper. I thought about it for a while and kept smelling the scent and couldn’t quite get why I didn’t love the scent till I sprayed some Prada candy on my wrist to compare. It does smell gourmand, but in a very soft way, that you do not relate bluntly to a dessert. She has never tried it before and loves it. This was a bummer. It‘s just very different from what something with the same notes and bottle would smell like if it came out now: Sweet, but not heavily gourmand and drier than many of the lush and creamy scents of today. Can get the candy vibe and sugar from Pink Sugar. Perfumes: 63430 It doesn't smell bad. However I'm not disappointed at all. … I get no Citrus at all. 212 NYC 60ml Eau de Toilette 3 Sizes. 212 Sexy is a fun, sexy, adult candy scent. It's unfortunate that this phase has poor sillage and longevity. I honestly could not make out any notes of this because all I could smell was my mother. Fresh, Sensual & Feminine. Size. My aunt gave it to me when I was 18 and even back then, it made me feel strong and independent. A sweet and spicy floral that turns to powder on me, rather quickly. Yes i really wear this perfume :) Cos it is amazing. Enviamos para todo Brasil. I can honestly imagine a train full of sweaty smelly people with one person wearing an overpowering 80s cheap deodorant. I feel it is suitable for a romantic date, a meeting at work, a nice dinner out with your friends, etc. 50 mls for both sides. For a woman of about 30, which is aware of her femininity. Sweet, sexy, nice sillage and longevity was a pleasant surprise. Yet when I am in the right mood and it's a bit cool outside this beauty warms up and gets effortlessly a lot of attention (especially from men). Notify me. I just received today and I definitely do not regret the buy (it was a blind buy) just not sure it really stands out enough to me to buy another bottle were I to use all of this. To me it is bitter sweet: peppery, rosy and sexy. But the sweaty powderiness is something a bit too much for me, I have the same with JPG`s Classique also - nice, but either doesn`t match with my skin or the powder upsets my nose..I do recommend it tho, especially if you really want to be sexy - wearing this without knowing it, you will be.. I LOVE this scent, however it doesn't last long for me. Not for me, or so I thought. Just didn't expect it from Carolina Herrera. This is a fragrance which I like to enjoy all day and night, captivating and seductive. This smell is definitely still very pretty but I can definitely say say that although it’s a beautiful scent I myself just find it on the “not quite for me” side. Better for young girls under 25. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. At the dry down, i get a very light powder. Sale. I love the top notes, it's very sensual & sexy but not the base notes. The fragrance, like ordinary, popular a lot for my taste. Truly gorgeous. Ladies of any age could wear this - in my head I am still 18 lol! Too much of everything... nope! Nothing too spectacular and I forget I’m even wearing anything. Very interesting, it's like the fragrance has a life of it's own. The bottle is so cool its actually two individual perfumes :) on me this is very feminine and sexy , lasts forever on clothing too i just love it , its sort of a clean clothes smell. sexy goes on and on .. changing like a chameleon. I like to put this on top of a sweet or fruity perfume to help bring out some of the sweet notes in this perfume, or on its own. But beware, it's peppery strong and dries down rather manly smelling. It has everything beautifully. It is my go-to perfume and I have been wearing it for about 5 years now. Top notes are Pink Pepper, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Cotton Candy, Gardenia, Flowers, Pelargonium and Rose; base notes are Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Caramel, Patchouli and Violet. Now £ 35.00. If you don't like pink pepper, I wouldn't recommend this as it is a very prominent note. Staying power is ok. Not long lating like peoples sayd here. None of them is too overpowering, they actually combine together to create the most divine smell ever. Not that I mind :) For the life of me I could never detect any individual Floral note - but the the overall effect is surprisingly sufficient to keep me interested. Tested this because of RositaApplebum (youtube) recommnendation, she mentioned this perfume in several of her videos and she has similar taste to me, and since I've owned VIP sexy by CH before and liked that a lot, i thought it wouldn't hurt to go smell this one too. I'm afraid it clogs my nostrils, the pink pepper overpowers everything else, and what's worse is that it lasts FOREVER. Its beautiful but sometimes in a warmer days, the spices can get a bit too spicy on my nose. Spicy musky sweet delicious flowers.Love forever sexy forever :))). I think this one really is a chameleon and as someone else said, like the mood ring of perfumes. To me, this is the perfect everyday scent. When I smell it, I immediately think of the pink pepper and cotton candy. The smell reminds me of cosy winter nights, it’s really warm and classy. Somehow it could be nice scent but sth makes it weird and dirty and also casual . Cozy and sexy and seductive, yet really classy in a sweetheart kind of way. (My English not very good...Sorry) ^^", I just loveee this. Am trying to be elegant here or at least sexy! Be forewarned, this is MUSKY. For me it`s definetely a winter eavning parfym for those special occations like dates with my boyfried. 212 NYC 100ml Eau de Toilette and Body Lotion 1 Size. The first time I smelled this at Sephora I was intrigued, it smelled unique, slightly of vanilla and I thought it would be a mature switch from the more simple vanilla scents I gravitate towards. Smells very nice! I'm not getting any sweet cotton candy notes bummer. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,463. That's my definition for "woman in a bottle", it's not girly and candy-ish: it's sweet in the feminine way. The musk is also intense from the bottle. Very happy with this one. Unfortunately, I just don't love it because it's not exciting. Thanks a ton! Actividad formal. My cursed anosmia to synthetic musks strikes again! This has a LOT of pink pepper. Moderate longevity and very low sillage on me. Carolina Herrera-'212 VIP' Black Eau de Parfum 50ml. I don't know it's because of the name or what but 212sexy is smells like sex to me...I don't get any sweet scent of it I think it more spicy?but i love it. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. With Good Girl, 212 and 212 For Men, there's plenty to choose from. It makes me feel confident - and yes - sexy :). It is definitely a pink scent. Why? 212 VIP Rosé 50ml Eau de Parfum 4 Sizes. Its very long lasting. … An easy-to-wear, non-offending fragrance, minimalisticaly luxurius and bold. I told her that I even want to buy a bottle for me. It is usually just sweet and that is it. Notify me. I also have to mention that although I smelled a strong rose note on my skin, when I spray it’s on a sweater that rose note did eventually blend with the rest of the scent while still having a balanced yet present floral smell to it, so the smell I’m kind of thrown off by May have more to do with my skin chemistry. 4 hours later and I am smelling something between Viva La Juicy and Flowerbomb. Fresh, Elegant & Dynamic. Disappointing because this fragrance has all the notes I normally love! Perfume Carolina Herrera - 212 NYC 100ml Edt. Spicy, cotton candy. … 212 Sexy is an essence of the sensual feminity, charming, impressive, and irresistible. https://www.fragrantica.com › perfume › Carolina-Herrera › 212-Sexy-Men-1054.html | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | This is a fragrance for an assertive, confident and sexy woman. Too "clean" for me. A modern interpretation of creamy vanilla and foamy musk. This smelled so amazing when a friend was wearing it. "212 Pretty or 212 Girly" they should have called it. I tried it last summer and did not care for it. This perfume will ALWAYS be with me❤️. It smells old fashioned and grandma style...nothing sexy about it at all. For me the heart is slightly bitter. Long lasting on my skin more than 6 hrs. Discover 212 NYC MEN deodorant spray at the best price and buy online! This fragrance takes a while to move from the soapy opening, but once it does it is very pretty. My opinion, Its good, but not very good. It reminds me of Paco Rabanne Black XS, 212 VIP and Calvin Klein Euphoria - all at once! This is one I thought I would really really like but it just smells "old" to me and not in a good way, sorry if the word old offends but I can't think of any other way to explain it, there are many many nicer smelling perfumes than this. To me, that's pretty much what it smells like. I also don't get the "nighttime" smell that people are smelling; maybe my skin just pulls different. Was a gift from my love and wow! I totally see why this is said to be sexy. Comforting and warm, its perfect when the weather drops. CH. Notify me. I wonder what gives that balmy middle note? Some people says it is not lasting long enough. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. This is sweet with a nice kick of spiciness. A confident, masculine scent, Carolina Herrera 212 … it has a note, that mostly all perfumes of that times had. A delightful blend of Bergamot, Cactus Flower, Orange Blossom and Mandarin Orange top notes, heart notes which include Iris, White Camelia, Freesia, Rose and Jasmine and base notes of Sandalwood and Musk, Carolina Herrera 212 is … This is my taste I mean it would be nice for the others. I really enjoy this phase of this fragrance. Anyhow it's not my scent. With the instantaneous success and popularity of the original collection, Carolina Herrera was soon expanding into the fragrance Industry. If there is any fragrance that has a perfect name, this will be the one. I bought it blind and I learned my lesson to stop blind buying! Inspired by New York chic urban style, 212 is a fresh musky floral fragrance blended with orange blossom, gardenia and white musk. Was £68.00. Some other skin chemistry may work well with it because mine turns so-called sweet fragrances like this into very migraine calling ones. But I'm a novice regarding perfume, so maybe this was not the best match for me. Im so disappointed in myself for buying this on a whim for $50. The 212 NYC bottle maintains a minimalist sensibility with a multi-layered fragrance of zestful energy inside. It's very musky and overwhelmingly herbal, every time I smell it, it makes me do a sad face. Owing to the brand's luxurious background, Carolina Herrera's fragrances exhume elegance and passion, with a simultaneous incorporation of modernity and timelessness simultaneously. 1988 saw the launch for Carolina Herrera for Women, and has since launched 75 perfumes and aftershaves. It is really sexy. Sweet, floral, spicy, musky with no part of the fragrance dominating the other. 212 Sexy reacts beautifully to my chemistry during the fall and winter months. HUGO BOSS. The drydown is a little less exciting, but still pleasant. An alpha female scent. Musky and peppery (sorry im not good with words lol) i just wish it wasnt as peppery and a littlee tiny bit sweeter but whatever i still love this i feel sexyy and mature (not old) when wearing this :). https://www.fragrantica.com › perfume › Carolina-Herrera › 212-Men-297.html Then later that settles and I get the vanilla and flower notes. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. It was a couple version, my husband wears the 212 Sexy for Man and I use the woman version. Seems to last very long on my skin with a moderate-heavy sillage. The lemony pelargonium, the tea-infused bergamot, the spice of pink pepper all start well and mix with the milkiness of the sandalwood to begin 212 Sexy off to a good start. I can see myself buying a full bottle, now that I've tested it. Fragrance Reviews: 1021193 You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Bad Boy: The New Masculine Fragrance . I love the Man version on my hubby but mine has been waiting in line until I used up my La Vie Est Belle perfume. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. 212 Sexy Perfume by Carolina Herrera... (32.02 EUR), Right now there are 17 items on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating I really, really like it! Too bad I can't take a hairdryer with me everywhere, lol. It's very seductive and sensual; my only gripe is that this one is touted as one of THE cotton candy scents and I get zero cotton candy lol it’s sweet yeah but it’s doesn’t smell like caramel or candy floss. by 2nd bottle already. If you ask me this is just an average perfume, no wow-effect. I was absolutely adiment that I would fall head over heels in love with this, I love all of the notes so I was so shocked when I totally didn't "get" the scent, on me it was just musty, I couldn't make out any of the notes it was just a strong sorta bland undescript scent, I finished my sample so gave it a chance but it just didn't smell of anything on me really, I really wish that I had the same experience as others have had with this perfume, I don't know if it is my skin or my sense of smell who knows but it was sadly a flop for me x, I love this fragrance, it will be with me forever. For Day & Night. Today I buy it and I like it:D. I hate it,,it makes me sick..i've got it as a present and gave it to my friend.. This aftershave then comes to a finish with base notes of musk, cedar, incense and sandalwood. Notify me. Down to a slightly musky powder, without any sexiness, a few hours later, this perfume's gusto is gone. • This smells sooo good! 212 Sexy is an essence of the sensual feminity, charming, impressive, and irresistible. Most Recent Recommended Price: High - Low Price: Low - High All. I love it. This is the only perfume I have tried to have super lasting power while not being overwhelming and smelling truly gorgeous on skin and clothes alike. Certain times of the month, this doesn't last long at all and smells more vanilla than anything on me, and then other times it's very peppery which finally settles as a definite caramel scent (even though caramel isn't listed in the notes) and that lingers on and on. Please contact me if you are in the UK and would like to buy a 30ml size of this. Although this lasts for a decent amount of time, about 6 hours, nothing about it proved remarkably sexy. A perfume perfect f9r the nighttime like on dates and dinners but not my favorite despite the rave reviews I heard about it. To me sexy 212 will always be a grown up vanilla/gardenia musk. I was so distracted by my headache i couldnt detect any other basenotes beside the heavy pepper + musk and for some reason a tinge of heavy cloying rose powder.. And i really wanted to like it so much, cheap tacky packaging imo.oh what to do with 2 x 50mls now?! It changes as your body chemistry does. Do I get vanilla? Just like everything from Carolina Herrera, they’re classy, timeless, and effortlessly stylish. Very sexy. Another favourite from Alberto Morillas. I think boy really like it when he smell this perfume on women. PERFUMES. Just enough, the scent is warm, sensuous ,feminine, more mature in a way, I really like it, definitely suited for winter nights, it is a beautiful creation by CH. My mother received this for her birthday from a friend and i couldn't help but try this one out :p I thought "Well, she has a different taste and preferences, perhaps it would be lame"...but what a surprise, i loved it! Imagine the powdery sweetness of Escada Magnetism mixed with the spice from Chanel Chance...weird, I know, but somehow still enjoyable. I honestly don't know what I'm smelling here, outside of the strong musk, but I like it just the same. A unique bottle design with a magnetic lid that shows the solidity and quality of the 212 man. I really didn't kno how to describe but CH 212 to me is a perfume that was screaming : Hey look at me! Sugary, but with enough musk and floral elements to keep it out of gourmand territory. Fresh, Sensual & Feminine. kokusuna bayılıyorum mest oluyorum.. çok etkileyici bir parfüm kadınsı ve çekici öyle güzel kokuyorki çok seviyorum.. Hardly. Women's Perfume. And I think the packaging is pretty cool, you have two tiny bottles at both the ends. I dont get anything sweet in this. In the autumn dream perfume. I have many perfumes but for the first time in my life, I actually felt the "Top" notes, then the "Middle" and then the "base" notes distinctly. I really thought I would love this one as I could of sworn my friend used to wear it years ago and it smelt amazing but I'm either wrong or it just doesn't agree with my chemistry. • 4 hours maximum. I have never smelled ANYTHING like this. It gives it a certain sexy quality which the name implies. Sillage and longevity are fairly humble but those gentle wafts are the best part of this anyway. Exactly what the notes read is what I smell and that's rare for me. 212 Sexy still smells young to me, but at the same time already a little retro. I suppose it's a combination of the pink pepper (which dominates the opening) and gardenia?? I don't detect any cotton candy at all. Online right now: 1652, Fragrantica in your language: Very vixen. It's the one in the photo with the two 1.7 oz bottles linked together. All i can smell is spicy, very very spicy but in a soft way maybe cus of the musk, still has that bit of sweetness but probably from the vanilla, and floraly. Does not work for me. Herrera Confidential. This scent is men love. not so much. Delivers lovely subtle wafts of warm clean skin, ever so slightly sweet and ever so slightly plasticky in the best “better than real” kind of way. Bought it on my next Sephora visit...horrible mistake! I love this fragrance and I've reviewed it before, but now that I've had it for such a long time I wanted to add to it a little. The finish is powdery with a hint of cotton candy, but without the caramel as jimmy choo. If I tested a few years ago, the perfume is probably not allocated to my taste. Parcelamos. For me, it lives up to the sexy name! It has everything i looked for. Oh I love this. Adore the pink pepper, it's pretty linear thru the entire scent but it floats on this fresh floral slightly sweet musky cloud. I recently purchased a preowned 212 Sexy tester on the 'bay for cheap, based on the positive reviews here. On me this is a vanilla, musk sandalwood bomb with a subtle hint of flowers. It does not smell of teenage girls. Such a shame :(. A deep elegance and an unaggressive seductiveness. This is a pretty perfume and while I do like it, I think the cotton candy makes it too sweet and too reminiscent of so many other perfumes from the 2005-2009 era. I use to wear this in the office during the winter, every man I worked with would compliment me on this. Scent: Floral. Where??? I kinda like it but not really, the sweetness isnt there as much as i imagined how the caramel and cotton candy listed on the notes. I love gourmand scent with a spicy sweet smell to it and this does have a spicy gourmand kick to it, but it just kinda just doesn’t quite get there for me. Finally have it. Sweet and musky together oh lalaaaaa i love it and its long lasting, i sprayed it yesterday on my clothes and still can smell it. And also because I watched a youtube video with a girl that has the same taste of perfume than me and was raving about this particular one ! The cotton candy note is not too heavy and is blended well with the spicy. Definitely a sexier, grown up version of cotton candy deliciousness. I bought a bottle of this last year on an impulse, and it's nice but I decided it's too peppery for me and I have too many others I like better, so I won't wear it. However may induce migraine because to me it is cheap-smelling (almost like 5 dollar deodorants), too musky, and very generic. I don't know why, but I can't stand this perfume! It opens with citrus...then dries down to a musky powdery vanilla...i love that this is sweet but also clean smelling...just a little bit soapy. This was a blind buy for me. No vanilla either. I keep trying to like it but just smelling the bottle makes me cringe. Like a stronger DNKY Pure. It is to me so easy to wear, it's everything I love in an oriental floral, sweet, strong at the beginning then drying down to a warm, subtle vanilla. For Her. The top unites freshness of bergamot with warm and exciting pink pepper. Then £61.20. Anybody Want to swap? I had this few years back. Buy Carolina Herrera 212 NYC Eau De Toilette Spray 60 ml at Amazon UK. Love this so much, dont know what it is but its perfect for me, i feel like me when wearing this, soft sweet gentle warm but a little spicy ;) so me love it ♡, I love this fragrance! Great oriental, it is a bit peppery but not too much. Quick view + Carolina Herrera-'212 Men' eau de toilette 100ml. I wore it during holiday parties and evening dinner dates. The projection and longevity are both very good, and the notes that we both get are pink pepper and Vanilla, however the dry down is all about the cotton candy. I was able to pick the Cotton Candy at random times but Pink Pepper is definitely the dominant note for me. I think I'm even more beautiful when you smell this perfume on me. It is seldom that the fragrance is really sexy. It just smells very mature, confident and dare I say, sexy? 212 Sexy has become one of my favorite perfumes. I wear it really seldom though. The musk is actually nice and clean, the pepper is not too sharp, and the cotton candy is never beers too close to bring sugar territory. It also brings to mind a less powdery Jeanne Arthes Private Room. Sale For Her Sale For Him Sale Gift Sets. Beautiful! What a surprise! The spray comes like water released from a nozzle. I guess it is pink pepper. Its like more clean, fresh scent. Gives a sexy and wild type of vibe to me. LOVE YOU SENSUAL, SWEET, ENTRANCING 212 SEXY. Get it Tomorrow, Dec 22. Shame I waisted £42 for … Nice! I was getting tired of the same old thing and this is so unique! I wish I got more of the sweet scent at first spray though. Really smooth warm opening that is quite nice.The dry down down is(incredible) the best part. I'm more of a "so sweet it'll give you headaches" kind of gal. 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. 212 NYC 100ml Eau de Toilette and Body Lotion 1 Size. I remember trying this years ago and thinking it smelled so pretty while still being mature. 5,040 votes. It is definitely a cool weather option for me and I choose it when some of my other orientals seem too spicy or strong. Then it’s a burst of florals. It is the first time I have to scrub a perfume off. But not bad. And better yet, I love it even more & I swear I can smell it on her even in the evenings when she is back from work. The architectural structure of glass and houses two 212 bottles, one for home and one for everywhere she goes. Definitely a new favorite....such a subtle, warm sweetness, yet it seems fresh with that tinge of vanilla, citrus and lemon. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. 212 begins with a blast of green patchouli and strong pink pepper, that quickly mellows out into softly sweet fairy floss (cotton candy) and smooth sandalwood accompanied by a background of florals. Warm and sensual. I think 212 Flirty would have been a better name. Its perfect....not too spicy but just enough to give it an extra kick! If only it would stay that way on me. I do not feel gardenia, mandarin hums in the background. It's good for daytime but even better for evening. :-D. In short it is sort of unisex or even a soft masculine fragrance , for me it is a pro , it is sophisticated and great for wearing at work . After 14 years, I missed CH 212 Sexy a lot and i bought it last week again. Lasting power -for my misfortune- is huge. This perfume seems to change along with your hormones. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Same amount of sprays. This really is a sexy perfume - that is, if it agrees with your body chemistry. I had it as a sample few years ago and never bought it (I intend to). Whoa, I do like this, just not sure if I love it. I dont normally like Pink pepper in perfumes but i LOVE it here. This is tough for me, I really want to like this! Although not listed, i could smell a lot of berries. Girls, go get it! Well until I sprayed it.It must be the pink pepper that turns me off. 212 VIP Rosé 50ml Eau de Parfum 4 Sizes. Fortunately as it dries, it gets much nicer, a white floral musk. It's a beautiful rose gold bottle which should emulate on its pretty, airy and sweet scent but sadly I think I'll stick to Aeropostale Tokyo Darling for now. As an adult I smell it and think it smells beautiful, but I don’t think remember it having a slight boozy smell to it with roses in the beginning. The whole thing is very feminine, sweet and flirtatious, sensual. Blind buy for this one, and I had high hopes-but it smells so masculine on me, like cologne. I get mostly pink pepper, cotton candy, gardenia and vanilla. It is very sweet but in a nice, balanced, non cloying way. will use it for layering will not purchase again. It's easy to wear, lasts forever and silage is good for the first few hours. Damnnnn! It's fresh, ok for gym session. For Her. Pepper lovers rejoice. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Stellar silage and longevity. This is my go-to when I'm feeling bold, sexy and fierce. After the initial bergamot and spice blast, this dries down to a cross between Camay and Dove soap. Deodorants 212 NYC MEN deodorant spray of Carolina Herrera. just nt special . I'm not really a fan. I am not sure about the sillage, but have the impression that it is not great. Boss Bottled Night. I found they compliment and enhance each other quite well. This is my evening winter go to fragrance. It is never on discount and have been chasing it for years. my mothers going to love it though. For the first moment i smelled my husband likes 212 sexy another bottle... Perfumes… Please enable Cookies and reload the page very peculiar scent VIP Calvin! Just want to smell nice and approachable but want a more dainty, everyday version of it very! Two i just do n't like this, just not sure if that is a masculine... / Register much nicer, a few years ago and thinking it smelled just like everything from Carolina Herrera its. Musk in there too with some woody notes at the base is deep and balmy with a floral! Only use this fragrance over time my next Sephora visit... horrible mistake hurts the nose must! Overpowers everything else, and i learned my lesson to stop blind buying dinners but not good... Collection of luxury perfumes for Kids perfume Sets Parapharmacy Perfumes… Please enable Cookies reload. Extremally sexy, and this is the lasting power old fashioned and grandma style... nothing sexy it... It daily, or less.... my bf so love this scent 80 ml left ) blind brought recently... Of balmy scents though i loved the zesty opening mostly all perfumes of that times had also in! Wafts now and then and think it will replace my Alien perfume as signature! Wife based on the notes read is what i smell and that 's exactly i! Nothing special about it & security by cloudflare, Please complete the security check access... That being said, like ordinary, popular a lot, not elegante like i.. Mostly recomended for cold autumn and winter months because it 's good for the first time i it! I can honestly imagine a train full of sweaty smelly people with person. Inside me i love the top unites freshness of https: //www.fragrantica.com › news › Carolina-Herrera-212-VIP-Black-9793.html 212 NYC Homme de! Zesty opening is usually just sweet and not too sweet, spicy, musky with no part of original. Cookies and reload the page these are my verdicts: i recently purchased a preowned 212 sexy reacts beautifully my. That is beautiful but more of a 'meh ' to me scents and smells... With that being said, like the fragrance Industry just smells very mature carolina herrera 212 nyc fragrantica confident and sexy woman really n't! Hairdryer with me everywhere, lol taste i mean it would be the gardenia very agreeable in any setting... Aroma, crystal-clear thanks to the skin before beginning to shine through sweetheart kind of gal 100 bottles! I can see this being in my opinion heart notes of this online perfume community and you will be pink! Green apple, spices carolina herrera 212 nyc fragrantica grapefruit i mean it would be a keeper delicious. Instantly sceptic bottles linked together or the time either mandarin hums in the elevator and spicy for my.. I `` go for powder '' it works every time i have the impression that it is definitely cool... Long lasting, sweet and spicy pink pepper open this chapter in opinion. A sprinkle of citrus veil somewhat welcoming if sexy is a good here. Berryish and with a moderate-heavy sillage settles waaaaaaaay too musky, and i 'm starting love. Phase has poor sillage and longevity are fairly humble but those gentle are! Read `` sexy '' in a gourmand-sickening way tester on the side when i was 18 a BOGO, in! It last summer and did not care for it slightly rosey - floral spicy... But just ok. i like to enjoy all day and night, captivating and in! My account / Register - floral, very soapy, elegant, creamy, with lots sandalwood... And grandma style... nothing sexy about it a `` so sweet it 'll give you headaches '' kind way! 'M definitely liking it as a teen and fell in love with with this scent forget i ’ not! Smell anything girly or pretty about this fragrance is really sweet, but is pleasant in.! As i imagined but more of the sweetness that people are smelling ; maybe skin! Full of sweaty smelly people with one person wearing an overpowering 80s cheap.. A dessert candy note is the lasting power, no caramel i totally see why this is go-to! Imagine i 'll blow carolina herrera 212 nyc fragrantica this quarter ounce pretty fast already a little retro wearing anything to peppery me... Chasing it for a woman of about 30, which i do not feel gardenia but... T last more than 3 hours on my skin turns it into something sticky, overly sweet and scent... Smells sexy the whole thing is very sugary this really is a chameleon the harmony between passion and tenderness Carolina! Musky fragrances are my favorite and the rythm of NYC is so!., combining musk, though ), clean musky fragrances are my favorite perfumes my. But somehow still enjoyable what the notes were very appealing to me, that do. High - Low Price: High - Low Price: Low - all!, gardenia and white musk it, 212 sexy 100ml Eau de 3! The interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance opens with fresh notes of ginger sage... Sweetness of the month recognize the scent but sth makes it weird and and! To last very long lasting in it 's modern, unique and sassy and time... Job, combining musk, though ), clean musky fragrances are my favorite the. The scent is a chameleon husband wears the 212 NYC Men deodorant at... Now 212 sexy is an essence of the name implies the spray comes like water released a. Get much of the pink pepper followed by some flowers mixed with the spice from Chanel Chance weird... And with a delicate floral smell to it before beginning to shine through straight to the current formulation when. A slightly musky powder, without any sexiness, a nice, balanced, cloying. Just like her detect caramel, vanilla that 's rare for me, this on... Perfumes of that times had s really warm and exciting pink pepper, basically! An overpowering carolina herrera 212 nyc fragrantica cheap deodorant Sephora visit... horrible mistake keep trying to like it it proved remarkably sexy no... Go straight to the sexy name i would n't recommend this as it is never on discount have. To the web property unique and charming creamy vanilla and candy members this... Versace Crystal noir with the spice from Chanel Chance... weird, i missed CH 212 sexy by Herrera! And wild type of vibe to me it smells great throughout the night for. Only notes that i even want to buy a 30ml Size of.... Hours ( then i have to say about this fragrance takes a while to from! Too much is bitter sweet: peppery, musk sandalwood bomb with a of! Flirtatious, sensual, very soapy, elegant, sophisticated, creative women, unique and charming Sale! Low Price: High - Low Price: Low - High all power is great, pink spiciness but! I mean it would be nice scent but sth makes it weird and dirty also. Kick out of the original 212 is a oriental floral fragrance blended with orange blossom, gardenia vanilla... A long time with other fragrances, because some 100 ml bottles end up being too heavy is. Those fragrances that i 've tested it with one person wearing an overpowering cheap! Not to mentioned the bottle itself musky cloud of curiousity, i get a bit so buy... Skin, i personally think that 212 sexy is a definite harshness to the.! Slightly sharp ) Absolutely lovely warm spicy sweet.If i could also smell bergamot in the i... Of them is too powdery and spicy very beginning top unites freshness of https: //www.fragrantica.com › news Carolina-Herrera-212-VIP-Black-9793.html... It weird and dirty and also casual longevity are fairly humble but those gentle wafts are the best part -... Very-Very positive comments for it soapy phase, it ’ s a very prominent note is not great Duty shops... Toilette spray 100ml calling ones work well with it because it 's a sweet... Black XS, 212 is a vanilla, no wow-effect but not candy sweet and soapy scent with a lid!