Metacam is a commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drug for dogs and costs around $21 for a few days’ doses.. Dressings and bandages – After your dog’s surgery, the treatment site will be cleaned and dressed.The cost for bandaging the wound will be around $17. The average cost for a urinalysis only is between $30 to $60. This wouldn’t include the vet office examination fee, which would be another $35 to $65, bringing the grand total to $65 to $125. $17. A private veterinarian will usually charge … Detailed illustrations and descriptions of cytologic and hematologic samples allow you to diagnose both common and uncommon diseases in dogs … We would like to be transparent on what we charge here so we can … Ear Cytology. Cost of Bone Marrow Biopsy in Dogs The cost of bone marrow biopsy will vary based on the technique used, as well as standards of living and additional diagnostic costs. Ear cytology: $39.00: Bloodwork panel comprehensive (in-house) $113-130: Minor bloodwork pre-op (in-house) $92: Urinalysis (in-house) $50.00: Heartworm test (in-house) $41.00 : Anesthesia : Sedation large dog: $106.00: Sedation small dog: $92.00: Sedation cat: $76.00: Sedation reversal, (included if required) free: Anesthesia Dog … How much does a dog urinalysis cost? The ear and anal infections were the cause of IBS so new prescription dog … Average dog cataract surgery cost 7: $2700-$4000 Vet prices can vary greatly depending on your geographic location and the specific provider you choose. Microchip. It is a quick, easy, and inexpensive means of gathering a tremendous amount of diagnostic information, much the same as running fecal floats, blood smears, and serum chemistries/complete blood counts. Cytology is one of the most important yet commonly underused tools in veterinary medicine. The period … Pet Dogs (male) ($70) Pet Dogs … My dog had a middle ear infection that coat $48.50 for the cytology ear swab and $35.86 for the Claro ear gel treatment. Highly respected in the field, Diagnostic Cytology and Hematology of the Dog and Cat is the complete resource for developing the knowledge and skills you need for clinical laboratory diagnostics. ... if a dog … $15. Lisa Martin’s ex’s dog racked up a bill of $4,000 after being hit by a car. The cost of a dog… The average price of bone marrow biopsy – including the cost … Ear canal cleaning – If your dog… He ended up have infected anal glands which cost $33.50 to express and a shot of convenia antibiotics for $52.51. $24. ... A physical exam is required to determine the medical treatment plan and the cost of these services: Routine Dental Cleanings; Minor Wound Care ... Dog Veterinary Pricing Spay/Neuter. Dogs ovulate 5-7 days prior to the onset of diestrus (7-9 days after the preovulatory LH surge), and hence, gestation length is usually 57 + 1 day from the onset of diestrus day 1. Eye Exam and Testing. Broadway Vet has decided to become the first veterinary hospital in the Treasure Valley to list our prices and allow access to the public.