Limited Warranty

Effective Date May 1, 1992

Chalk’s Truck Parts, Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) warrants all Chalk’s rebuilt units against failure for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of sale.

This warranty does not cover damages or costs as a result of accident, neglect, improper
installation, maintenance or abuse.  Each rebuilt unit is identified by serial number on a
metal tag attached or stamped on the unit or by invoice. TAGS MUST NOT BE REMOVED.

In the event of failure to a unit, the customer must notify the Company BEFORE any
work is done.  The unit must be returned to the Company freight prepaid for inspection.
Upon determination that the failure is covered by this warranty, the Company will replace
the failed unit with another rebuilt unit and reimburse the customer for any freight
charges incurred in returning the failed unit.  On warranted units, any labor charges for
the removal and installation of the unit will be reimbursed up to the predetermined limit
set by the Company for the that type of unit.  NO LABOR CHARGES IN EXCESS OF

This warranty does not cover cost related to lost business, down time, towing charges or
any other cost not expressly set out above.  No other warranty is implied.

This warranty is null and void if any repairs to the unit are made without the